Chinese Astrology Free Marriage Compatibility Report

Chinese Astrology has the methodology to predict the compatibility between a boy and a girl using Chinese calendar system. If you are planning for a relationship and looking for a prediction about your compatibility with, who may be your friend, your lover or your colleague, you simply enter yours and the other person’s birth date in the form bellow and find out the recommendation by Chinese astrology.

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Chinese Astrology first determined the zodiac sign of both the person and then from the Chinese Lunar signs characteristics, choices, likes or dislikes and compatibilities can be compared to determine whether it’s a good match or not.

For example if the boy is born in the Chinese Lunar sign Dog and the girl is born in Chinese Lunar Sign Tiger then the compatibility point as per Chinese astrology is 9 out of 10 and which makes it an excellent match. This relationship will be easy, less fight among the couple, understanding pair, supporting to each other and will form a long term relationship. Chinese Astrologers has applied this on many people to come to the results of this theory.