Top 10 Career Options for Gemini and Cancer

Characteristics of Gemini:

Top 10 Career Options for Gemini and Cancer
  • Normally, people belong to Gemini Moon Sign are intelligent and inquisitive.

  • They always have positive attitude and remain optimistic in any kinds of situation.

  • They are very clever. These people have strong humours. In spite of that taking any decision is not in their forte.

  • Actually, they think many ideas and collect or process information very fast. But at the time of taking decision they face it very tough. They can’t move from this position.

Suitable Career Options for Gemini:

  • Generally, Gemini people are ideal for job related to travelling.

  • They may shine as stockbrokers. Even those works which need brain for thinking are good for them.

  • The negative point of Gemini persons is they can’t focus on any particular projects or missions for long time.

  • They find it very difficult to concentrate on that particular matter. They like changes in life as well as their professions. Therefore, they may shine in the field of marketing.

  • They have the chances to become famous journalists.

  • Advertising field is one of the suitable arenas to them. They are also ideal for media works.

  • Precisely, they want variations in their working fields. For this reason they will not follow any routine-based job. They will get bored easily.

  • They will also shine in the IT field as they need to learn latest developments in the market constantly.

  • They are skilled and handy in many sectors. They have the inborn talent of multi-tasking and communication.

  • They always try to find a new approach to complete a job with efficient manner. They may also become successful politicians. There have the chances to turn into diplomats to Gemini people.

Best Careers for Cancer:

Characteristics of Cancer:

  • Persons who possess Cancer Moon Sign are normally very caring and nurture in nature.

  • They always have philosophical thoughts. They are always protective.

  • In few occasions they are very dramatic in character. These people are very moody and firm in their stands as well.

  • They are kind hearted people. They have the inclinations to worry about anything too much. They always want to know how their contributions work for society.

  • They are always eager to know their roles in making someone happy.

Suitable Career Options for Cancer:
  • They may involve in social works. Teaching is a favourable profession to them.

  • They may work in human resources. As they are very caring so there is the possibility to select nursing as their profession.

  • They will also flourish in therapy and counselling.

  • They always think about the wellbeing of each and every person. But sometimes it may feel difficult to them.

  • Cancer people are likely to be understated and subtle. They are prudent.

  • They easily understand human psychology. They are very tactful persons. They have a wish to do a secure job as they can earn steadily. For this reason, they may choose their professions as interior decorators or any job related to finance.

  • The job in human resources is likely to be made for them.

  • They don’t want to take any risk. Sales job is not ideal for them.

  • They should not select job in insurance sector.

  • Stockbroker is not good option for them. If they involve in entertainment sector then there always be some sorts of risk.

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