8 Planetary Combinations for Suicidal Attempt

8 Planetary Combinations for Suicidal Attempt
According to Vedic astrology, the planet Moon has the authority to control our thoughts. The planet Mercury has the power of controlling our judgement. If Mercury is afflicted by any other planets then it provides us erroneous judgement. Even in some cases it leads to commit suicide.

Planet Saturn decides and controls our prolonged existence. When it is related to the 8th house then native will live long life. But, if Saturn is weak then it either provides continuous health problems or kills the native in his early age.

Only Sun is the exceptional among the planets. It doesn’t provoke a person to commit suicide or any depressive idea which leads towards suicide. Sun symbolises ego, self-esteem and advanced nature. If it is strong a native never allows himself fall into sadness even though the planet Moon may try to compel him. When Sun is afflicted a native will be in lack of will power to battle with situations. So, he will compromise it with his living state of affairs. In this cases, planet Mercury takes the control and provokes to commit suicide. Planet Saturn decides whether the person will die or not.

Mercury affliction/ conjunction with other planets and type of death in suicide cases:

1) Mercury with Rahu: In this case person consumes poison, injects poisonous fluids, pesticide and jumps off high buildings and suicide bombing.

2) Mercury with Moon: Person tries to commit suicide drowning in ponds, well, ocean, river or any other water-bodies.

3) Mercury with Ketu: He may attempt suicide in sacred place (in belief that it will attain his salvation). He may consume chemicals such as potassium cyanide, drink liquid mercury or consume extra dose of sleeping pills.

4) Mercury with Saturn: Reckless driving and making accidents, sleeping on railway track, stabbing him, attempting suicide on roads or hanging are the kinds of suicidal attempt in this case.

5) Mercury with Mars: In this case, person slits throat or wrist, shoots him with gun, gives electric shock and sets himself on fire.

6) Mercury with Venus: In this case, he may try painless suicides such as consuming poison or drugs before sleeping, self-accident etc.

7) Mercury with Jupiter: In this case, native suicides while practicing yoga such as jeeva samadhi, pranayama, complete control over his respiration or practicing own cremation. 8) Mercury with Moon: If there is no planet to afflict Mercury and Moon and Sun are weak then Mercury provokes suicidal thoughts and depression. But he will not have courage to commit suicide.

When the sub-ruler of 8th house is put down in the planet which signifies Bhadhaka or Maraka houses including 8th house and well associated with Mars then the native has a chance to die in suicidal attempt. The reason behind this kind of decision is his incapability of returning the borrowed money or boundless trading. If the owner of the 8th house sub is planet Mars and he is ruler of or related to Lagna and 8th house then it points out unnatural death.

If Saturn is weak and at the time of bad dasa associated with 2nd, 7th, 8th and 12th houses then native commits suicide.
When Rahu is strong and yogakaraka in chart then suicidal attempt will be unsuccessful.
If a native is recognised with this kind of horoscope then proper counselling and performing “Rudra homam, Mrityunjaya homam and listening or chanting Vishnu sahasranamam” will lessen the malefic affects of Mercury and Saturn.

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