5 Important Astrological Factors behind a Journalist

5 Important Astrological Factors behind a Journalist
Many types of occupations are there in the world. Few people engaged themselves in making new products, some others in managing wealth or some in cooking and so on. This article is written for discussing the profession Journalism.

Astrologers think in the profession of Journalism there is much more influence of Goddess Saraswati than the Goddess Lakshmi. This is the arena where a native has to know the skill of using eye-catching words. He should have excellent writing skills.

According to Astrology, Mars stands for ink and Mercury is known for pen. The union of these two planets bring the native in to this profession. Mercury has a crucial role in a Journalist’s birth chart. It is vacillating, erratic and influential planet that reacts rapidly. If the aspects of Mercury unites with the aspects of Jupiter in a native’s birth chart then it makes a favourable Yoga. The native who choose Journalism as his profession must have the influence of 6th house in his chart of birth.

1. Important Houses: 3rd, 5th and 10th House: 3rd house is considered as the house of communication in a native’s birth chart. It reflects the skill of speaking. It provides information about all the mediums of communication like newspaper and television. 5th house provides the skill of speaking besides education. 10th house is for profession. If all the three possess favourable influence then the native definitely will get success in the arena of Journalism.

2. Important Planets: Mars, Mercury and Jupiter: As it is told earlier that Mercury is the planet of communication and expression. If it unites with Mars then it looks like the amalgamation of pen and ink. The positive aspects of Jupiter make a native well-informed and educated. It is also the Karaka of fame and money. So, if it is located in the benevolent house along with its positive effect, an individual will get both the features.

3. Amatyakaraka Planets; Rahu, Venus, Saturn or Jupiter: The tack of Journalism is decided as per the nature of Amatyakaraka, like:
When planet Venus is Amatyakaraka and Moon aspects Venus then the native will choose visual media, a part of Journalism owing to its association with visual media. Hence, if the native tries his destiny behind any channel or camera then he will obtain the work of scriptwriting in television channels or films.

The positive aspects of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter on Amatyakaraka assist an individual to turn into a journalist. When Jupiter or Saturn is an Amatyakaraka planet or possesses aspect on it then he will be related to print media. Mars and Mercury must create a union with Amatyakaraka in a native’s birth chart for obtaining positive results.

4. Directions and Transit: Yoga provides exact results if the house and planet connected to its profession create a bonding during a native’s livelihood. The aspect of double transit on the 10th lord or house is compulsory.

5. Other Yogas: The 3rd house must be in powerful position of the native to be a successful journalist. When the planets related to journalism create a relationship with the 3rd house in very large number, it will be beneficial to him. If the planets of Amatyakaraka are in the influential position of a native’s birth chart then he will reach at the zenith of the success.

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   krishna kumar s (Mumbai, India)
   14th July, 2016 2:01 AM

DoB: 14/06/1960; ToB:17:06pm. Is my amatyakaraka rahu or mercury. For rahu we deduct 30, so the remanant is less. Pls cfm.

   Susan (Preston, United Kingdom)
   11th January, 2017 3:40 AM

Hello I am English and only familiar with the principles of Western astrology. Can you kindly explain what Amatyakaraka means? Thank you!

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